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Zarchiver Pro APK is a useful application that you can use to archive and unzip archives in all complete formats. This application was developed by Zdevs and has been downloaded by Android users more than 50 million times.

This application is very practical, because besides being able to archive and unzip a file, you can also manage file management on your smartphone. Zarchiver also has an easy user interface, so anyone can easily archive or decipher it.

The Zarchiver application is available in a free version, where there are limitations and certain features are locked. If you want to open it, then you can upgrade Zarchiver to the pro version or download a modified Zarchiver. Here you can see more about Zarchiver.

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Have you ever downloaded a file from the internet with the extension .zip, .rar and the like? If so, that means the file has been archived and you can only open it with an archiving application, one of which is Zarchiver.

Archiving files or compressing files can be done to reduce the original size of the document to a smaller size. So if initially the document was 13 MB in size when archived or compressed to only 1.3 MB. All this can only be done by applications such as Zarchiver.

Compressing and archiving these documents and folders is very crucial especially for those of you who need to upload these files / folders to the internet. If the file / folder is very large, it will take a long time and a lot of data packets to upload it successfully.

Some of the archive and parsing formats that Zarchiver can do include zip, rar, tar, wim, gzip and many others. You can also extract files with passwords easily using the Zarchiver application.

In essence, this application is a complete package because in addition to being multifunctional, this application also has a user interface and an easy display. You can upgrade to the pro version or download the mod version of Zarchiver if you want to experience the maximum benefits of Zarchiver.

Zarchiver Pro APK features

  1. Create Diverse Types of Archives

Through Zarchiver premium, you can archive files and folders with various file format options, for example, 7z (7zip), tar, XZ, bzip2, gzip and so on. All of these file formats certainly have advantages and uses that can be tailored to your needs.

There are many benefits that you can get by archiving files or folders, apart from practical reasons for reducing the size of the document to be small. So you will have no trouble if you have to upload or send the file via the internet and email.

  1. Extract Various Types of Archives

Besides being able to archive files into various formats, Zarchiver can also decipher and extract files with various extensions. You can unzip archives in zip, rar, Z, deb, rpm, cpio, mtz, alz, wim and many more formats.

So if you download a file from the internet and the extension does not match the type, then you can use Zarchiver to decipher the file. Once described, the type of file that you need will appear, for example, APK, MP4, exe and others.

  1. Viewing the contents of the archive

Zarchiver also allows you to browse archives with various extensions. There are some files that cannot be read because the file format does not have an application that supports them. For example, you won’t be able to see the 7zip file unless you have a Zarchiver.

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