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A game called Zombie Catcher Mod APK is quite popular at this time. Millions of people are attracted to the unique gameplay. While playing, you will be given a zombie hunter character. This character has a strong weapon, making it difficult for zombies to escape when shot.

This game presents a totally unique zombie theme game. If the zombies are usually the ones to attack, the zombies here are running scared. Not surprisingly, they often hide and will only appear when they have been lured out.

Review Game Zombie Catcher APK

  1. Gameplay

Before playing a game with a zombie theme, it’s a good idea to know the gameplay first. In simple terms, you will be given weapons to do hunting. Once the weapon hits the zombies, they will be put in an iron cage and processed.

All zombies that have been captured, will be nurtured for a while. Furthermore, the zombies will be processed into certain foods. Processing is done in the ground. So, every time there is a buyer from above, zombies will be processed in such a way as to become food.

One of the joys of this game is when you hunt zombies. Unlike other zombies who deliberately come to prey. This zombie, in fact in this version, is afraid of meeting people. Moreover, seeing that there is a strong weapon. They will run back.

Each zombie has its own strength. You have to upgrade your weapons frequently. If not, the zombies will always escape when captured. The weapons will open over time. So, you have to keep upgrading.

Apart from hunting, there is also something to watch out for in the underground base. There, there are zombies or monsters that can make food. They should also be leveled up. That way, everything can run perfectly and you can easily level up.

  1. Graphics

The graphics in this game are only 2D. However, the animation used is pretty decent. Especially when shooting and chasing zombies. Because they use fairly ordinary and light graphics, all cellphones are compatible.

Zombie Catcher Game Features APK

  1. Unlimited Money

Because it uses mod-based games, in-game money is unlimited. This means that since you start playing and at the initial level, the money you have is abundant. Money can be used to buy anything, including powerful weapons and super-sophisticated traps.

If you want to use an unlimited amount of money, it’s better to do it offline. If you use it online, it will likely be detected by the system. Finally, the account you just played with will be permanently banned.

  1. Large Selection of Hunting Tools

When starting the game, you will be given a weapon that is simple and not strong. However, zombies can still be caught because they are still weak. As time goes by, the zombies that will be hunted are so strong that you need to upgrade.

Upgrades can be done to increase the strength of the weapon. In addition, you can also use new models of weapons and hunting tools. Traps and lures to attract zombies, can be easily purchased and used.

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